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Essay Contest Winners 2012 "Walk the Indian Trail"

 Patrick Pullis , 4th grader at Shrine Catholic Grade School, and winner of the 2012
"Walk the Indian Trail " essay contest.

 Other winners were--- 2nd- Anthony Massucci
                                                                                3rd- Nicholas Mayry
                                                                                3rd- Noah Gappy

 Click to read Patrick's essay- "Visiting Blackhawk" (Time Travel Adventure)

December 16, 2011
Shrine Brownie Scout Troop #75097

What was your favorite thing at the Museum?

Leslie: “The sled because it’s wood is neat.”

Maria: “The Dippity-do gel.”

Olivia: “The Royal Oak Christmas town.”

Judy Ann: ”The silver small tree.”

Olivia: “The horses.”

Natasha: “A doll”

Grace: ”The ice skates”

Jackie: “Cat statue.”

Alyssa: “Daisy BB gun.”

Lily: “The rolling bear.”

  We got Mail!!

Ed Wolfrum, who wrote our web article on Royal Oak’s FCC   Monitoring Station during WWII, recently received a letter from Gene Smalley (W4NSN), of Douglasville, Georgia. Gene worked for the FCC for 32 years, most of that time at FCC Monitoring Stations. Ed Atems, mentioned in our web article, assisted Mr. Smalley on monitoring projects for the FCC. 

Thanks to Gene Smalley for contacting us via letter about our web page article.

Below: Gene Smalley at the FCC Monitoring Station in Chillicothe, Ohio.

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