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You're an Old Royal Oaker if ...
You ever drove down Third Avenue to see Hal Newhauser pitch and George Kell play third base in a Tigers game at Briggs Stadium.

You knew where Royal Oak's namesake tree was located.

You attended Royal Oak High School, recognized Dondero as the name of the Congressman and former mayor, and recognized Kimball as the name of the head of the Board of Education.

You remember the parades that brought Santa Claus to Montgomery Wards on Washington and fourth.

Father Coughlin was your pastor.

You ever bought a model airplane kit at The Hangar, and a banana split at Brown's Creamery.

You knew for certain that Woodward Avenue was the most important road in Michigan.

You paid two cents per day when your books were overdue at the Royal Oak Public Library on Main Street.

You remember when the first parking meters were installed on Washington.

The "Detroit riot" you remember didn't happen in 1967.

You ever got a whistle for saying "Snow just sold another house."

You knew Norm Zauchin before he left Royal Oak to play for the Boston Red Sox.

You found at least one good thing you could use the day you searched the ashes of the Lawson's Sporting Goods fire.

You remember the wooden caddy shack at Red Run, and know why it had to be replaced.

Cass Lake was where you went to swim, and Bob-Lo was where you went for your 8th grade and high school class trips.

You ever paid twenty cents on Saturday to watch a double feature all day at the Washington Theater, then did the same thing after church on Sunday at the Royal Oak Theater.

You understood the time frame when someone would say an event occurred "during the War."

You paid a nickel a copy for the Daily Tribune, and could call Lynn Miller to comment on its content.

You remember listening to Harry Heilman broadcast the Tiger games.

The hospital that serviced you was above Cunningham's drug store, and William Beaumont was just a name from your history and biology classes.
You ever danced at Jack Scott's on Rochester Road and at the Music Box in Prudenville.

You knew the only cool way to park your car at the Totem Pole Drive-In, and what was there before the Totem Pole.

You could park all day at the Detroit Zoo for 50 cents, and stay the whole day.

You remember when Bobby Layne became the starting quarterback for the Lions.

There was no I-75 to drive north, and you rode the ferry to get to the U.P.

You ever collected glass coffee bottles at construction sites, and turned them in for the deposits.

You knew where the old Pontiac Trail crosses Crooks Road.

Your telephone number was "Royal Oak digit-digit-digit-digit-letter," and you gave it to an operator when your party line was not busy.

You remember watching TV before the TV tower was "...high atop the Penobscot Building."

You ever saw one of Jim Robbins' Indy cars in the garage of his house on Vinsetta Boulevard.

Your high school biology teacher was Mr. Tenhave.

You were given your own signed copy of Jacob Sparks' autobiography.

You learned reading through phonics, writing by diagramming sentences, and could recite all of the US presidents in order from memory.

You ever saw Lindsey, Abel and Howe man the Red Wings line at Olympia Stadium.

You served as a safety patrol boy at Lincoln and Woodward.

You could point out the house of ill repute near 13 Mile Road and Woodward.

You banked at the Wayne-Oakland Bank.

You ever drank a bottle of Stroh's in your car at the Oak Drive-In.

You ate at the Wigwam, and thought nothing of calling the statues out front wooden Indians.

You find yourself thinking up additions to "Old Royal Oaker" lists.

By Michael Montie

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